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The Kentucky Federation of Fire Chaplains is incorporated as a nonprofit, professional organization by the “Articles of Incorporation” dated October 1, 1998.  The purpose of this organization is to bring together individuals and groups who are interested in providing effective chaplaincies for fire & rescue service organizations within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  To fulfill this purpose, the Federation and its members, exchange and share ideas and concerns that influence the quality of life of all members of the fire service and their families within the Commonwealth.  These shared ideas and concerns should encourage and assist each one to develop the most noble of all human characteristics, service to others, and to our Heavenly Father.


The mission of the Kentucky Federation of Fire Chaplains is to advance and support the education and professionalism of emergency services chaplains in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


    • We believe in a loving and caring God who continuously offers compassion to those who protect and serve their brothers and sisters in public service. 

    • We believe that fire fighters, police, and other public servants, and their families, need and deserve access to religious services, support, and care from qualified and available chaplains. 

    • We believe the spiritual welfare of civil servants is a priority and enhances their ability to cope with the stressors of their chosen occupation. 

    • We believe that these chaplains, given the special nature of their ministry, need to be well-trained and able to minister in a non-denominational setting: respecting the faiths and beliefs of all we serve. 

    • We also believe that the call of public service is a good and noble calling. 

    • We serve fire fighters, police officers, and emergency medical personnel, and those who are in other areas of public service. 

    • We act by providing ministry education, training, and advocacy, and by promoting the development of a continuum of services to public servants and their families.